Friday, February 20, 2009

What is up with Faizal??!!!

Quick blog update. Juuuuuusssttt finished my 3d stuff. Literally.. Like 10 minutes ago. After postponing doing it for the past few weeks. (Yes.. I am a lazy ass) But I can't post it now. I need to submit it in first. I'll probably post the video after 15th March.

Drawing wise, there are NO NEW DRAWINGS!! I is teh suxxors!! Long work hours really take a chunk out of me. It's not really long as it is arduous. (Bitch bitch bitch.. moan moan moan) It'll come to me though. Inspiration has not left me yet. Cross thy fingers.

Next post will probly be the t-shirt-thing-i-wanted-to-post-about-but-never-did. On a side note, i might take up sewing. What???!! Recently found this book about upcycling old raggity t-shirts. Seems simple and interesting enuff. And since all the young'ns are the scenester-diy type, this could probably be a way to make some decent change. So sewing..yes!!

I guess that's it for now. No-crapinus-unum!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Its a Chicken.. Its a Pigeon.. Im not sure!!

Embarrassingly this is my first attempt at 3d modeling. This was done for my 3d course assignment. We had to create/model a simple character and animate it for roughly 15 secs. As you can see, the chicken/pigeon/bird thing is simply done using basic shapes (spheres, cones, cylinders, etc). I suppose in the finished scene i'm just just gonna let 'im runaround like a crazed bird thing. But the assignment needed the character to interact with something/have other objects in the scene. So i'll probably get to that later. But this will be only a simple animation though. Admitedly i just do it to the filled requirements. I'll probablyl post more 3d stuff after i mastered 3d studio max. Here's hoping!!

Tool of choice: Anim8or v o.9.0
Timeline: Modeling - 3 hours learning + 1 hour modeling
Animating - ongoing