Saturday, July 28, 2012


Hot dang.. Its been a while since i posted here. More then a few updates. Most of all is the animation work. Hoepfully i will be able to post up some of my animation works up here soon.

For the mean time, here are some sketches, concepts and general doodling.

_This is some character concepts for my own animation project; Milo To The Rescue. Milo To The Rescue, Milo, Dr. Gussagard, Hugo and Jacques are copyright to me. Plus some drawings of Monkey King and Splinter (i guess??) in Milo's style.
Hugo, Milo and Dr Gussard
Monkey King,  Splinter and Jaqcues

_Another concept work for my own project. Its still currently unnamed, but the concept will be kinda like Happy Tree Friends with WMDs.

_Just some doodles. Trying a more kid style. The initial concept style for Milo

_I was previously involved in the concept team for creating new designs for Bat Pat for animation. For those uninitiated in Bat Pat you can stroll over here. Unfortunately, my designs were not picked. Its ok though. The design that they picked was really nice. Congrats to Adi for being selected. w00t!!

_Random cute dragon. 

_These two are from a dark humour show from the company i work for. Just decided to do some fanart for these OC's.

_Just some head design practice.

_Batman and The Joker. Why not?

_Stinky Baby for you.

Phew..thats a long post. Hopefully i will able to post some animation work soon. c ya when i c ya!!!