Sunday, November 16, 2008


Yeah.. the title has nothing to do with anything I'm writing about.. Just an update for those who follow this blog (hello..hello..hello.. *cue cricket noises*). For the past few months I have been trudging away with work and school stuff. So I hadn't got a chance to update the blog. I do have a few sketches lined up from those few free times that I had. I'll start posting again once exams are over with. Colored pieces are..well.. not existent at the moment. But i WILL get those done!! Plus a few pics on t-shirt designs. And coming soon.. a very..i mean VERY amature animation clip. So stay tuned!

By the by, there's a new post on Mari Mari Mental (my ego blog) and probably a few more post on there in November since I'll be making a quick trip over to our neighboring country Indonesia. Bandung to be specific! Quick question.. do Bandung people (bandungites? bandungese?) refer to mee bandung and sirap bandung as just mee and sirap??

Thursday, June 12, 2008

More from the sketchbook

Here's summore artwork from my sketchbook.. Its filling up like wildfire boy!!

First one's a fan art for a character created by mr.bohrtaag from I have no idea what has become of the character, but since i read about her in the pergh forums, i had to a fanart. this is almost finished sketch, hence the watermark.

Second piece is a normal sketchbook piece. Alot of doodles and such. I never really commit to an idea. I just do random stuff. Hopefully i'll see something i like, then i'll re-do it Photoshop.

The last piece was done during the not so recent one academy digital artwork exhibition at mid valley. this was drawn during on of their figure drawing classes. It was done in a public style (open air), so people kept looking over my shoulder when i was drawing. it was a little embarassing since it was my first time with charcoal.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

From Thy Sketchbook

Some stuff from my sketchbook. These are mostly figure tests. Will be awhile from full out illustrations.

Monday, May 5, 2008

On Call:- Dr. Octopussy

Today's artwork was provided by the letter "P" for "Pergh.Com Character Redesign Battle". The battle was last week, so sorry for the delayed post. The purpose of the CRDB was to take a well known character, and then put your own spin on it, hence redesigning it (well..duh).

The last battle was to redesign Marvel's Dr.Octopus. Clearly I redesigned Doc Ock more than a person would expect. I thought I'd go for a more humouristic battle artwork. Whether I win or not..well..thats another story.

I'd cite Marvel for ownership for Doc Ock, but this resembles nothing like him. But for legal purposes I'll cite em anyway..

Dr.Octopus is owned by Marvel Comics

Medium: Wacom Graphire, PhotoShop CS
Duration: 1.5 hours

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Smash em up!!

Color practice on character sketch on me sketchbook. Character is updated version of a character from an older drawing named Hanna Belle. Also kinda resembles an old character named Malett. Sorta mashed em both.

Medium: Pencil (0.5), UniPin Pen 0.7 & 0.5, PS7
Duration: 3 hours
Sketch - 1 hour
Digital coloring - 2 hours

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Of babies and commissions

Commission of clients one month old daughter. Top pic is the first version (pre client critique). Second is the re-done version after critiques.
Title : Baby Girl Sofea
Medium : PS7
Duration : 6 hours

Tales Of Fan Art and Plushies

A little homage to my favourite webcomic! The incomprehensible, dynamicable, drunkable Girls With Slingshot!!
Title : GirlsWithSlingshot FanArt
Medium : Pensil, 3.0 & 5.0 UniPin Pen, Black Marker, PS7
Duration : 2++ hours
Hazel, Jamie, McPedro and GWS logo are Copyright of Danielle Corsetto
Its me with plushies!!! Cuddlyness!! The only plushie I have is the cow in front. Gift from that special someone. *wink wink*
Title: Plush'd
Medium: Pensil, PS7
Duration: 2 hours

Kawaii Ranger Jojie

Title: Kawaii Ranger Jojie.
Medium : Pensil, 3.0 & 5.0 UniPin Pen, Black Marker, PS7
Duration : 4 hours