Monday, May 5, 2008

On Call:- Dr. Octopussy

Today's artwork was provided by the letter "P" for "Pergh.Com Character Redesign Battle". The battle was last week, so sorry for the delayed post. The purpose of the CRDB was to take a well known character, and then put your own spin on it, hence redesigning it (well..duh).

The last battle was to redesign Marvel's Dr.Octopus. Clearly I redesigned Doc Ock more than a person would expect. I thought I'd go for a more humouristic battle artwork. Whether I win or not..well..thats another story.

I'd cite Marvel for ownership for Doc Ock, but this resembles nothing like him. But for legal purposes I'll cite em anyway..

Dr.Octopus is owned by Marvel Comics

Medium: Wacom Graphire, PhotoShop CS
Duration: 1.5 hours