Thursday, June 12, 2008

More from the sketchbook

Here's summore artwork from my sketchbook.. Its filling up like wildfire boy!!

First one's a fan art for a character created by mr.bohrtaag from I have no idea what has become of the character, but since i read about her in the pergh forums, i had to a fanart. this is almost finished sketch, hence the watermark.

Second piece is a normal sketchbook piece. Alot of doodles and such. I never really commit to an idea. I just do random stuff. Hopefully i'll see something i like, then i'll re-do it Photoshop.

The last piece was done during the not so recent one academy digital artwork exhibition at mid valley. this was drawn during on of their figure drawing classes. It was done in a public style (open air), so people kept looking over my shoulder when i was drawing. it was a little embarassing since it was my first time with charcoal.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

From Thy Sketchbook

Some stuff from my sketchbook. These are mostly figure tests. Will be awhile from full out illustrations.