Monday, December 10, 2007

Two for Tattoo

This what happens when you watch too much Miami Ink. Top piece is an avatar/logo for my DA site. Second is a NSFW piece that I just randomly did. The girl is quite an old sketch. After some time, I thought it'd be a terrific tattoo lookin' piece.

Estimated Completion Time:- 2hours (for both pieces)
Medium:- Pencil (sketching), Photoshop (Inking, Coloring)


This piece was done for my girlfriend. By this time I already have gotten a hang of this style, composition wise. The face took awhile. I did a preliminary sketch which then I traced over using tracing paper to make it cleaner and make changes to it. The overall look of the piece sorta resembles a more tattoo looking style. I decided for a more colorful, cheerful piece..rather than the morbid, dark looking style of Rockstar Groupie.

Estimated Completion Time:- 3hours
Medium:- Pencil (sketching), Photoshop (Inking, Coloring)

Rockstar Groupie

Done for a buddy of mine who is in Australia. This piece is was the first time I did a large sketch piece. Took a couple of hours to do the sketch. Mostly because I didn't have any reference photos. I took some of her Friendster photos, but they weren't detailed enough. So I had to improvise..hence the half skull!! :P I think it fits the piece, since she's into skulls in a big way. The composition didn't take long since most of the things on there are what she likes. (i.e skulls, Arsenal, Converse, etc.)

Estimated Completion Time:- 4hours
Medium:- Pencil (sketching), Photoshop (Inking, Coloring)