Sunday, November 16, 2008


Yeah.. the title has nothing to do with anything I'm writing about.. Just an update for those who follow this blog (hello..hello..hello.. *cue cricket noises*). For the past few months I have been trudging away with work and school stuff. So I hadn't got a chance to update the blog. I do have a few sketches lined up from those few free times that I had. I'll start posting again once exams are over with. Colored pieces are..well.. not existent at the moment. But i WILL get those done!! Plus a few pics on t-shirt designs. And coming soon.. a very..i mean VERY amature animation clip. So stay tuned!

By the by, there's a new post on Mari Mari Mental (my ego blog) and probably a few more post on there in November since I'll be making a quick trip over to our neighboring country Indonesia. Bandung to be specific! Quick question.. do Bandung people (bandungites? bandungese?) refer to mee bandung and sirap bandung as just mee and sirap??